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placeholder text – Conversion Crossmember Transmission mounts have greater vibration and harmonic damping than polyurethane with the strength and control of a solid mount, matching isolation with incredible durability.

Conversion Crossmember transmission mounts are also available in OEM or low-profile heights for even more adjust-ability. They are oil and solvent proof, and will not deteriorate or weaken with age, exposure or abuse. Conversion Crossmember transmission mounts are compatible with rubber, poly or solid engine mounting systems.

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Conversion Crossmembers

Las Vegas, NV

The Modular Crossmember Systems hold two US Patents with a 3rd patent currently in pending status.


Conversion Crossmembers has been a leader in modular crossmember design and innovation since 2008. Previously operating in a white-label capacity to select vendors and aftermarket transmission companies, we now offer direct sales to consumer. All Conversion Crossmember sales includes a full product warranty as well as our unparalleled customer support.

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