Conversion Crossmembers

The passage of time always produces the evolution of mechanical principals and mechanical designs.  The Patented Conversion Crossmembers modular design is the product of this evolutionary process.  Their unique ability to adjust to the different mounting positions of today’s modern automatic and manual transmissions is unrivaled.  Making our cross members perform to the most stringent standards and under the harshest racing conditions has been and is our continuing goal.   Conversion Crossmembers have generated a huge following of those interested in their design and performance potential.  The designs are so exclusive that they have been granted not one but two Untied States Patents.

Our many distributors quickly realized the potential of significantly reducing their SKU count while providing customers an industry leading product. Gone are the days of having to stock on hand piles of different cross members for different transmission applications. With our modular bracket design your cross member can easily move forward or rearward in your vehicles frame. Add that to the cross members patented modular center sections allowing both left and right movement coupled to the ability to set your transmission mounting height gives the automotive enthusiast the ease of installation they need for any transmission on the market. With detailed instructions and online assistance the installation is effortless and the best aspect is they always fit.

Conversion Crossmembers has been a leader in modular crossmember design & innovation since 2011. Previously we have only been available in a white label capacity to select vendors and manufacturers of aftermarket transmission companies. As of 2019, Conversion Crossmembers are now available manufacturer direct to the retail market.

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Conversion Crossmembers

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The Modular Crossmember Systems hold two US Patents with a 3rd patent currently in pending status.


Conversion Crossmembers has been a leader in modular crossmember design and innovation since 2008. Previously operating in a white-label capacity to select vendors and aftermarket transmission companies, we now offer direct sales to consumer. All Conversion Crossmember sales includes a full product warranty as well as our unparalleled customer support.

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